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Teach-in session on Deutsche Bildung Student Financing

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Teach-in session on Deutsche Bildung Student Financing

Many German students, as well as their prospective employers, dream of gaining experience abroad. However, embarking on such a journey – whether it is for a single semester or an entire study program – typically comes with significant financial costs. State funding and parental support often fall short, especially in times of inflation.

Deutsche Bildung: Sustainable student financing for studies in Germany and abroad

The mission of Deutsche Bildung is to enable students to pursue their academic aspirations regardless of their financial circumstances. Since 2007, we've been providing funding for university students from Germany across all fields of study. Our offer applies to studying abroad and in Germany. Repayment of our student financing is based on an income share agreement.

For student advisors: invitation to teach-in sessions

In our complimentary and interactive webinar tailored for university staff, we will introduce you to Deutsche Bildung student financing and the concept of income share agreements. You will gain insights into our reverse intergenerational contract, the application process, what sets our offering apart from traditional loans, and how our student financing can be integrated with other financing options.

Join us on February 27, 2023., 11:30 a.m. Click here to register:

We look forward to seeing you!

For additional details about our student financing and forthcoming info-sessions tailored for student advisors, please visit our website: www.deutsche-bildung.de/ueber-uns/university-staff/



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