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For student advisors: Webinar on Deutsche Bildung student financing

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For student advisors: Webinar on Deutsche Bildung student financing

Studying in a foreign country is an appealing option for many Germans - but also an expansive one. After all, studying at home in Germany at state universities can be done without spending large sums on tuition fees. Now in times of inflation, German students are even more faced with the question "how do I finance my studies abroad?“.

We are certain: Nothing is as valuable as education.

Students should be able to succeed in their education regardless of their financial background. With this mission in mind, Deutsche Bildung student financing was launched in 2007. Since then our student financing has repeatedly been awarded by the Center for Higher Education (CHE: https://www.che.de/en/) and we have enabled more than 5,500 students to pursue their desired studies at home or abroad.

Invitation to teach-in sessions

In our free and interactive webinars for student advisors, we will introduce Deutsche Bildung student financing and the concept of income share agreements. You will learn all about our reverse intergenerational contract, the application process, what differentiates our offer from a loan and how it can be combined with other financing options.

Join us on April 25, 2023. Click here to register:

We look forward to seeing you!

You can also find all information about our student funding and upcoming info sessions on our website for university staff: https://www.deutsche-bildung.de/community/university-staff/



Dorothee Muth

Dorothee Muth

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